Running program to lose weight

Running program to lose weight : Running is undoubtedly one of the best activities to regain or maintain its weight of health! It helps to burn fat without the muscle mass being too high. Running, you will not only lose your fats but also redraw your silhouette while taking pleasure. Let’s take stock of the best way to run for a perfect silhouette while vivifying your mind.

The basic rules to Runnin program to lose weight and regain its weight

Running must be done with a few guidelines to be sure of all the benefits.

Regularity is essential to observe visible results. You will have to run two to three times a week for at least a month, the best being to anchor this as a new way of life.

Never force yourself to avoid possible problems, a breakdown, a cramp or a curvature soon arrived. If you feel fatigue, alternate the stroke by walking. Decrease the passing phase; This is the best way to achieve your goal. Also, make sure you can breathe well in each session or take the time to recover your breath. The interest of a gradual increase in the race phase is also found in a warm-up and stretching.

Warm up well before each running session and stretch slightly to finish.

The effectiveness of physical activity for fat loss goes hand in hand with improving the quality of the diet. As a general rule, avoid nibbling, excessive intake of sugar and fatty substances. Choose energy drinks, fruit, and vegetables and drink clear water at will. Taking natural food supplements such as Guarana … which catalyze the destruction of fat mass, can be beneficial.

Focus on the split, a mode of training that is proven

Running is most common in endurance. This way of running is aimed at maintaining the form while taking pleasure. However, you may want to improve your physical performance beyond the goal of optimizing your health. In this case, you are advised to use the split method.

It is known that this method works on a weight loss, in 2007 this study already put this theory in light: “one can burn up to 3 times more fats in 2 times less time” thanks to the split. For the study, two groups of women received the same number of training sessions, but not the same type. One group worked in endurance (40 minutes classical session) when the other worked in fractional (alternating 8s of sprint for 12s of active recovery) for 20 minutes.

Several interesting results appeared to the researchers, first of all, although the women of both groups had the same number of calories burned during their sessions, it turned out that one group lost more weight than the other … You guessed it was the group of women who received split training.

Why ?

Several possible theories, the split would generate a greater secretion of catecholamines, hormones responsible for fat degradation. The other explanation would be that the split decreases the appetite and pushes the subjects away from the fattiest and caloric foods, to be taken with tongs, however.

Finally, one of the reasons we are the safest at present is that the fractional, as well as the HIIT, boosts our metabolism and allows a better elimination of fats. Not only are you going to burn fat during training, but also after this phenomenon is known as afterburn effect, and can last up to 24 hours after a session!

The Fartlek, split in nature

The split run is often performed on the track. When it is practiced in life, it is then called fartlek. The fartlek is what can be understood by a race to the sensation; the term derives its origin from the Swedish word which means “game of speed.” It is neither more nor less a session of interval unstructured, in which your periods of effort and recovery will vary.

So you run according to your wishes by alternating just the slow run to the fast one. This type of split race in the wilderness is less accurate (unless wearing a GPS watch), but more pleasant than that carried out on track. It may be a good idea to adopt a sort of “structure system” outside, such as saying, ok, I sprint to the 3rd floor, or until you have sowed this hungry bear that runs me (good luck).

To lose weight while enjoying it, alternate the fractional track with the fartlek.

Fractional running is characterized by the repetition of intermittent exercise times. A recovery time will be inserted between those of effort and can be done by trotting for the active mode and walking for the passive mode. The value of the energy time is equal to that of short fractional recovery. The recovery time will be equal to half the effort time for the long fraction.
This method has proven itself, but it should not become the only mode of training. It should not also be carried out twice in succession. Two split runs shall be stacked with at least two endurance running sessions.

The importance of running in split

This method of running is ideal for having fun running. It is also the best way to boost your performance while reducing your fat mass.

A good standard session could be like something like 1 minute fast followed by 2 minutes of active recovery, to repeat ten times in total, a session of 28 minutes (not counting warm-up) that you Will make it drool!

However, be sure to master this method of running before you practice it because it is not in any way the sprint. To be sure that you have learned it, ask yourself if you manage to lead the rehearsals. If you do not get there, it means you run too fast. This may also be since your stress time is much more consistent than what you can afford.

So reduce the pace or your stress time.

This fractionation is essential to optimize your cardiovascular endurance in both aerobic and lactic anaerobic conditions. In your beginnings, running will necessarily make your body suffer by soliciting it.

Fractional running increases the tolerance of your body to pain, well beyond the threshold of the famous lactates.

In short, a split run is the best way to optimize your performance while redesigning your silhouette. You go in the same stride, fall in love with running enjoying the pleasure that this will bring you. Do not hesitate to integrate it into your training program.
Alternate the short and long fraction and the one in full nature and on track.

Tempo Run, another way to run to lose weight

Located halfway between the cushy footing and the split session, the tempo run is a great alternative for those who want to lose weight but do not have the courage to embark on a session for a division.

Some very high-level athletes solicit the tempo run, marathon runners make it a central pillar of their training plans, and for a good reason, besides being excellent for burning fat, it is perfect To learn to know oneself and one’s body.

In your tempo run sessions, your goal is to maintain a fast and steady pace for 20 to 30 minutes! You will thus get into the habit of running at a speed that is faster than what you can endure, on, say, 5 to 10 km. As soon as you say it, it will seem very uncomfortable!

The tempo run is placed in a training session. For example, you can start with a session that looks like 10 minutes of warm-up followed by 5 minutes of tempo run (operate at 80% of your maximum heart rate) then take 2 minutes of recovery by walking before leaving for another 5 minutes.

Try to make three rounds as well. As the sessions progress, lengthen the rounds and reduce the recoveries. Remember, you must always flirt with the red zone, this threshold where you are completely burnt, a good session of a tempo run is a session, or you do not have the strength to do nothing after.

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