Nike LunarGlide 8 Review

Nike LunarGlide 8 Review:

Everything for comfort! The Nike Lunarglide 8 Black and White Men’s Shoe (Autumn / Winter Collection) is an even more stable and pleasant version for every impact. Intended for all stride types.

More performance in terms of grip, you benefit from an outsole structured with 3D cushions in the moon spirit of the brand.

The midsole is laser cut to increase your dynamism and post-impact impulse power.

The Nike Lunarglide 8 has a Lunarlon cushioning soft that provides real comfort with each stride. The Dynamic Support maximizes your stability side and your retention at the arch.

Nike LunarGlide 8 Review

Technology of Nike Lunarglide 8

  • Ideal for steady stability and long-lasting comfort
  • Outsole 3D pads: Adherence and stability
  • Lunarlon mid-density midsole: Soft and soft cushioning, responsiveness and lightness, stability
  • Laser cutting in the midsole: Dynamism and pulse, stride more aerial
  • Dynamic Support: Stability and fluidity in the transition phase
  • Seamless FlyMesh woven uppers: Breathability and comfort, lightweight
  • Dynamic Flywire lacing: Envelope, support, and locking of the foot
  • FlyKnit Footwear: Comfort adjusted
  • Molded and removable inner sole: Cushioning, comfort, and hygiene
  • Weight: 254g in size 42

Dynamic Support

This system is located in the midsole of the shoe and provides a tailored fit to meet the rider’s changing needs. It is characterized by a softer foam on the lateral side for better cushioning at the time of impact and a firmer foam at the center for better support.

Fly Wire

Helps to provide ultra-light support and comfort for your foot. It draws its strength from fine nylon fibers strategically placed on the upper of the shoe to hold the foot in place, preventing the foot from slipping during the activity. This makes it possible to significantly reduce the weight, the material being used only where necessary for a good structure


Consists of a soft, resilient foam core, inserted into a foam padding structure to ensure ultra-soft cushioning, dynamic response, and lightweight, lightweight support.


Draws inspiration from the riders who want to have a shoe that is as comfortable as a sock and gives the feeling of running barefoot.

Dynamic Flywire

Flywire cables (braided polyester wires for maximum strength, similar to cables on a suspended bridge) enveloping the midfoot that integrate to the laces for a remarkable hold, will stabilize and lock your foot during explosive movements.


Mesh 2.0 woven in one piece. Seamless for maximum comfort and lightweight.


  • A particularly lightweight shoe.
  • Nike has updated its “Lunarlon” foam technology to improve cushioning and stability.
  • Shoe without any seam for comfort.
  • The colors are pretty cool!
  • Suitable for slightly pronounced stride.


  • We do not see


Nike Lunarglide 8 Running Shoe is designed for runners of any weight. Runners for both comfort during the race but also the dynamism. This falls well, Nike has perfectly well balanced this shoe. Intended for slightly pronounced universal runners. This version has been reduced by 30% compared to the previous one.

“I love this new version of Lunarglide, much lighter, more flexible too. Very pleasant races with, the stride is dynamic. Very nice shoe.”  - Rene.

Who is this model

We suggest this model to runners with neutral stride with pronounced tendency , whose foot rolls well on the axis or slightly inwards without orthopedic sole, and weight less than 70kg .A + 70kg rider can use this model but only for short distance races (<10km) and for occasionally split runners.


For what types of use

The LUNARGLIDE 8 is primarily a training shoe , intended for both light jogging (endurance and recovery) and specific exits (semi-marathon and marathon) , On the road. It will also be pleasant and satisfying on competitions such as the semi-marathon and the marathon.

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