Mizuno Wave Creation 16 Review

Mizuno Wave Creation 16 Review:


For heavier riders, the shoe Mizuno Wave Creation 16 ensures stable and secure support. Intended for runners with neutral feet on roads and marked paths.

Its Wave Infinity plate provides maximum cushioning to each ground contact ensuring the distribution of the shock wave. It provides increased stability of the attack on the pulse. Technology SmoothRide ensures reduced vibration and enhances the flexibility of your stride.

Mizuno Wave Creation 16 Review

Technology Of Mizuno Wave Creation 16

  • This shoe features Wave Infinity technology that provides cushioning and seamless stability to all riders. We must weigh more than 85kg to benefit 100%.
  • A running shoe that breathes through Mizuno’s AirMesh technology. Ventilated nylon is placed on the shoe stem to allow the foot to breathe better during the stroke.
  • The DynamotionFit technology guarantees a perfect fit for your feet.
  • The X10 technology increases durability and traction. It is actually a carbon rubber that increases the strength of the shock sole after impact.
  • The U4IC technology reduces the weight of the shoe by 30% while maintaining the same properties.


Unique technology that reduces the acceleration and deceleration phases of the stride, reduces vibration and increases the flexibility of the shoe to provide ever more fluid race.


Durability and Traction X10 is a carbon rubber which increases the abrasion resistance of the outsole. It is positioned in the area where abrasion is most important.


ventilated nylon placed on the upper of the shoe, allowing the foot to breathe easier and offering the shoe excellent breathability.

Dynamotion Fit shoe

Technology that allows the shank of the shoe to follow the foot movement, which reduces the stresses and distortions experienced by the shoe and prevents movement of the tongue. Unique technology that provides excellent support and great comfort.

Wave Infinity

Ensures a better distribution of the shock wave at the time of impact with the ground, providing an ideal balance between excellent cushioning and stability effective.


Ultra comfortable sole intermediary with excellent cushioning. It is 30% lighter than the p + but retains the same performance.

Pebax RNEW

Wave plate made with an environmentally friendly material made from vegetable oils.


  • The design of the shoes offered by Mizuno are always on top and this is still the case with the Wave Creation 16. The rider is in fashion! If you like to run while having style, this is the shoe you need!
  • The sole of the Wave Creation is designed using the Mizuno Wave and Wave Infinity technologies. Two technologies for maximum cushioning. Your stride will bounce back with every support.
  • A shoe of very good quality. The materials used are very resistant.
  • It is particularly comfortable. The shoe breathes and gives you maximum comfort during your outings.


  • Not to be used for trail. Its design in the form of cavities is not adapted (muds and rocks that can be housed there).
  • In rainy weather the design makes the comfort will not be as much at the rdv as in dry weather. Moisture may appear in the shoe.
  • It is designed for riders over 85kgs.


The Mizuno Wave Creation 16 will accompany you when you’re out on the roads but also on the marked trail. It is suitable for all exits on the roads but also on the paths traced.


Who is this model

We suggest this model to runners with neutral stride with pronounced tendency , whose foot rolls well on the axis or slightly inwards without orthopedic sole, and weight less than 70kg .A + 70kg rider can use this model but only for short distance races (<10km) and for occasionally split runners.


What types of use

The LUNARGLIDE 8 is primarily a training shoe , intended for both light jogging (endurance and recovery) and specific exits (semi-marathon and marathon) , On the road. It will also be pleasant and satisfying on competitions such as the semi-marathon and the marathon.

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