Guide to the best waterproof running shoes

All those who practice forms of running such as trail or cross-country, or simply like to jog in the wilderness, are often looking for models of waterproof running shoes.

Indeed, running after a heavy rain or just putting your feet in puddles is quick. If you want to avoid having swimming pools on your feet, waterproof shoes, waxed or not, allow you to keep your feet dry to the fullest.

How to choose your waterproof running shoes?

There are some pitfalls to avoid when choosing his pair of waterproof sneakers without having any surprises.

Already, pay attention to the material, because the very thin shoes like minimalist shoes will never bring you a perfect waterproofness especially since they are precisely meant to allow you to run having sensations close to the naked foot.
Also, check the weight. Indeed, especially for the lightest runners, waterproofing should not be an excuse to have shoes too wet and losing comfort during the race.

Finally, pay attention to the adhesion. If they have to protect you from moisture, it means that you will have to run on wet surfaces. Gripping soles will allow you to run on wet ground without slipping.

Models for sale on the internet

In this guide, we have selected high-quality running shoes for low prices thanks to the promotions accessible with the online sale, and in various comparatives. What to make the best purchase without leaving home!

Let’s start with Mountain Warehouse, which offers the Acceleration model, runners For men. The Vibram sole provides excellent cushioning, and an Isodry membrane allows your feet to breathe while remaining waterproof and preventing water from entering. No lacing to make, you put them like good slippers, in comfort.

Let’s continue with the New Balance MT610, waterproof running shoes for men. The flat heel and lace-up closure make it an excellent shoe to wear and use for running. The Gore-Tex sole makes the cushioning ideal while being waterproof. Equipped with a grip, it is non-slip, to adapt to all types of floors.

Running shoes The following model is the Salomon brand, which offers the Speedcross 3 CS. These running shoes and trail for women and men, with various colors available. The customers have a very favorable opinion on this product and have enjoyed to test it. They cite comfort, “like slippers” and crampons that allow good adherence even in the mud.

Let’s go to Asics, with Gel-Trail Lahar, a trail shoe with Gore-Tex sole. Waterproof and breathable, they also offer an excellent stability with the presence of inverted studs under the sole.

Shoes are running waterproof A detour with the Nike Free 5.0 Waterproof Flash, a model for men and women. Their straightforward and elegant design remains functional thanks to self- locking laces. The cushioning is ideal, and they have particularly good flexibility thanks to the sole with hexagonal grooves.

Let’s finish with the best of the waterproof runners: the Hoka One One Rapa Nui. They are particularly lightweight, with an oversized and very supple platform, the trademark of Hoka One One running shoes. They are adapted to the universal runners and allow to recover natural sensations. Count about 156 euros to make the purchase.

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