5 Minutes to Strengthen and Carve Your Body : Running Tips

It is essential to perform muscle building work that unfortunately is too often overlooked by the runners.

You like to run, train, swallow miles of bitumen, climb the steepest trails, but when it comes to performing a muscle building session, the motivation is not the same.

Less than 10 minutes of PPG per day

It must be admitted, the idea of ​​spending 45 minutes to chain the exercises of torture, it is not very exciting. That’s why we suggest you spend only 10 minutes or less.

The general physical preparation must become a reflex, a daily routine. 10 minutes a day, it is not very restrictive, and yet it can change everything. If you find it too long, start with 5 minutes, the important thing is to get started.

Abs in concrete

Strengthening the abdominal strap is essential to running, so it is necessary to insist on this point in your daily routine.

If you want to see your little handfuls of love disappear to the advantage of cute chocolate bars, you will have to associate these exercises with a work of endurance and regular diet.

It is up to you to set up your exercise circuit, to take ownership of it and to keep it to your best advantage.

Your circuit will have to consist of various classic exercises (or not) that you will have to repeat for 30 seconds (30 “) for beginners, and 45 seconds to 1 minute depending on your level.

Possible circuit example:

15 pumps / 30 “ventral jacket / 2” 30 “lateral sheathing / 30” raised jacket / 30 “jacket jacket

1 minute of recovery then:

Ab dos crunches / 30 “ab dos crunches / 30” ab dos crunches / 30 “ab dos oblique left and right / 30″ ab dos legs at 90 ° / 30 ” 90 ° / 30 “stretched legs / 30” abs crunches / 15 pumps

If you encounter difficulties in linking the pumps, refer to our article on running and upper body reinforcement, you will find an informative video to help you.

To correctly perform the cladding exercises, we invite you also to consult our video cladding and running.

5 to 10 minutes of exercises do not take much time in one day, but the results will not be long before you become diligent.

With a firmer, stronger abdominal chain you can continue to run calmly while substantially reducing the risk of injury.

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